Rules of the economy.

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Rules of the economy.

Post by Chairman Brander on Wed Aug 14, 2013 1:43 am

These are the rules of the economy side of the region. Short, Simple and sweet.

1. You must have a land claim and be approved to get your funds and start buying and selling things.

2. You must have your military Credits filled out to get your funds.

3. You must open a national bank to get your funds.

4. Anything sold on the open market, proceeds go to the NOTW fund.

5. You may sell a product that is not taken or a create realistic product or service to gain income.

6. You may invest and purchase publicly traded corporations. You may sell them at any time

7. All new comers will start with 15 million GP's in their funds.( If you started with less originally, let me know and I will edit it for you.)

8. The currency of the economy is the GP ( Gold Piece ) It is the value of 1 pound of gold at 1305 bucks an ounce

9. More rules may apply when needed. Enjoy the game
Chairman Brander
Chairman Brander

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