Amero Union National Bank

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Amero Union National Bank

Post by Chairman Brander on Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:07 am

A.U. National Bank

The AU national Bank is located in Amero Square. It is home to the GP National Reserve of Amero. This Bank offers loans as well as assistance while engaging in major transactions between nations. AU national Bank also host accounts to keep money safe if RP battle is causing concern or threatening areas around your home bank. Step on in and welcome again to the AU national Bank.

The Amero Union currently Holds 52,403,846.15 GP's in the world economy

52,403,846.15 GP's/253,337,520 GP's
20.68% of World Wealth

Business will come soon as well as other things to purchase!!
Chairman Brander
Chairman Brander

Nation Name : The Amero Union

Long Live the Union

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