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Kensington Garage

Post by Brighton Kensington on Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:52 pm

The Global Express is modeled after Bombardier’s passenger “Regional Jet.” For the private version the manufacturers updated the wing with a 35° sweep and winglets, plus a new T-tail which makes reduces drag and increased efficiency. The owners have to love that the Global Express can fly intercontinental ranges without refueling (e.g. New York–Tokyo) or between most two points in the world with only one stop.

It operates with a flight crew of two plus one or two flight attendants. Typical arrangements seat from eight to 18 passengers. It can be fitted with a galley, crew rest station, work stations, a conference/lounge/dining area, a stateroom with a fold out bed, toilet, shower and wardrobe. A high density 30 seat corporate shuttle configuration offered. You want it? They’ll arrange it.
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