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Kernans first residents were the Comanche and Kiowas. The Kiowas and the Comanche were in a constant state of conflict for almost 30 years. After the Battle for Red River the Kiowa warriors routed the Comanche. The Comanche fled almost to the New Mexican border and made a last stand there in the small village-nation of Megle. 1000 Comanche warriors and 100 Megle Warriors faced off against 20,000 Kiowa warriors. They battled for 3 days before the last Comanche warriors were felled. The Comanche Nation was absorbed into Kiowa. After many smaller wars the Kiowa Confederation ruled the Texas Panhandle and Eastern Oklahoma. The leaders of the local chiefs soon became more independent, socially and economically, from the Kiowa Confederation. So in 1450 They declared Kernan to be independent. The Kiowa sent a army, 200,000 strong on the war-path to suppress Chief Guikate. A 20,000 strong Kernian Army started to use hit and run tactics on the Kiowa. When their chief, Lone Wolf, was captured in one such raid, the Kiowa recognized Kernans independence. They became experts in guerrilla tactics over a scant 50 years and used those tactics to ensure their survival against the Kiowa, defeating them in over 40 minor wars and 3 major wars.

When the Spanish arrived in the early 1500s they arrived expecting a short war against primitive natives. The Kernan Indians had became master warriors and when the Spanish attack Kern in 1511, they were defeated. When they returned in 1515 they were completely routed at the Wahnow River and Kernan expanded into the rest of Texas. After the Battle of Wahnow the Kernan Nation enjoyed 100 years of peace and prosperity. When the French arrived the Kernan Nation was caustious but eventully started training and learned to speak the French language. All was well again until King Philips War, Kernian troops fought side by side with the French but were still defeated at the Second Battle of Wahnow River. At the end of the war the French were forced to give Texas to Spain. Spain brutally oppressed the Indians and after 10 years, the Kernan Indian culture was close to extinct. White settlers moved in from all sides and pretty soon Texas had a bustling population of around 10,000 people. When Mexico declared independence in 1810 the Kernian colony stayed neutral in the conflict, not sending any units to fight for any side. When Mexico won in 1821 they attacked the Kernian Colony. The Mexican Government killed hundreds, The Kernians looked for a way out. That way came apparent when Texas declared Independence in 1835. Thousands of Kernians joined the Texans and played a key role in the Alamo. After the Texan Revolution the residents of Kernan prospered under the new Texan Government for 9 years. When Texas applied to join the Union, the Kernians bitterly opposed. Kernian Representatives in Congress tried all they could to keep the Yanks at bay, but in 1845 Texas was admitted into the Union. Kernan declared itself independent and won the right to be independent in the US-Kernian war. For 5 long years Kernian freedom fighters and the US Army battled for control of the country. The US surrendered after the US Eighth Army was destroyed at the Battle of Armadillo. The borders were set at the Texas Panhandle. Adam Davis, a known follower of Karl Marx, became Kernans first Premier in 1850. When the American Civil War started 10 years later Kernan supported the Confederacy and sent many divisions to their aid. In the war the Kernian Army invaded and conquered the South-Western United States. When they started to advance further the US surrendered and Kernan kept the conquered lands. Even though Kernan helped them, The CSA surrendered in 1865 to the US and was annexed. Confederate President Jefferson Davis was exiled to Kernan where he died in Phoenix on December 6th, 1889. After the war the US and Kernan left each other alone for 20 years while Kernan expanded in Mexico and the US expanded in the Pacific. When Kernan annexed Mexico in 1879, the US strongly protested. The US President declared war on October 9th, 1880 and moved into position to attack. The Kernian Army launched the first attack into US territory on the 10th over the Mississippi. They routed the US Army at Vicksburg and followed them East. They had control over the Deep South and set up a defensive line. In the West the Kernian Army: West had moved forward and had laid siege to Denver. After a month the city surrendered and the US Army pulled out of Colorado. The Kernan Army met a friendlier force in Utah, the Mormons. The US never had complete control of the Mormon colony in Utah so the Kernian Army used it as a forward base for offensive operations in California. After 7 months the US gave up and Kernan gained the states of Utah, Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Hawaii and the Deep South. Kernan President Hareem Lem started funding pro Kernan separatists in the Upper South. In 1890 they separated and joined Kernan, the US could only raise minimal protests.

The Great War
After gaining control of the South, a majority of the west, and Mexico, Kernan started to assert its control of the North American Continent. Without a causes beli on the US, Kernan sulked in its place. When the Great War broke out in 1914 and the US declared war on Germany (Kernans ally since the Civil War), Kernan jumped on the chance to gain territory. Kernian forces mobilized and attacked the US capital in Washington DC. After a 16-hour artillery barrage, Kernian troops surged forward. They had the city under their control in under 20 minuets. When they entered the White House they were surprised to see what it looked like inside. Papers were everywhere, furniture was knocked over, and all valuables were gone. When they entered the Oval Office they found the President of the United States slumped over in his chair. His mouth was open and a gun was on the floor along with a note I hope your happy!". The US Army garrison and the Government had fled to New York City, the first American Capital. The US Army of the Potomac had surrounded surrounded the city and laid siege to it. The Kernians almost starved that fateful winter, they had to resort to cannibalism to survive. In the spring of 1915 the siege was broken and the starving garrison was relieved. They all received the Heroes of Kernan medal, the highest in the land. The loss of Washington inspired pro-Kernan revolts in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. The US was unable to deal with the revolts so they were annexed by Kernan without bloodshed. Then the war stalemated, the Kernan troops were unable to break into Maryland or couldn't cross the Rockies without heavy losses. Then a new invention (the airplane) was used for war for the first time. The pilots were given a target, loaded pistol and 5 Grenades (first used in the Civil War). They would fly low and empty their pistol, circle around then throw the grenades. After word if they couldn't get back home they would crash into enemy positions. The 2 armies butted heads for two years. On November 7th, 1917 the 54th Calvary division broke through the line using a new terrifying machine, the Tank. The Tank rolled over US barbed wire and trenches breaking them in the process. When some US infantry saw the tank coming at them, they turned and ran. The tanks soon ran out of fuel and broke down but the deed was done, the US's fate was sealed. The First Army Group rushed through the hole and surrounded the US lines, then they all attacked. The Army of the Potomac was exterminated and Kernan troops rushed up the coast capturing Boston, Philadelphia, New York City and the US government in quick succession. They then proceeded to capture the rest of New England and Alaska by 1918 when the US surrendered. In Europe, to be frank, It played out the same. Germany lost and was forced to sign the Treaty. Kernan refused to sign.

The Great Depression
After the Great War Kernan had a period of stunning growth. In that time Britain was forced give up Eastern Canada in a short 3 month war. Kernan left the League of Nations, became a democracy and joined the Allies. (The League officially dissolved in 1954) The economy boomed with the discovery of huge oil reserves in a number of states, along with rare materials. It was all good until 1929 when the NYC Stock Exchange crashed. Within days businesses closed soon followed by banks, many lost their life savings. Bread lines grew and grew and un-employment soared, radical groups like the Communists and the Fascists grew in power and influence. In the New York Governors election Fascist Hugo Richard won with a alarming majority. When he tried to suppress civil rights, President John Jackson sent in a Army unit to install a new governor. As they marched up the stairs they were ambushed by the NYPD and local mobsters under orders of Hugo Richard. Jackson declared New York to be in open rebellion and moved the Army in to depose Richard. There were many small skirmishes but in the end Richard was branded a traitor and sent to jail for 8 life sentences. Jackson appointed Secretary of War James Longstreet as New York's new governor. Hugo became a icon for the Fascist Party. When the Fascist Party was broken up in 1931 they fled to the US and quickly deposed the frail Franklin D Roosevelt, The US allied joined the Axis later that year. By 1939 the economy was still nosediving with no end in sight.

World War II
When Germany invaded Poland, a member of the Allies, in 1939 the US and Kernan were again at war. When American Fuehrer Huey P Long heard he immediately invaded Kernan. American panzers rolled across the border with amazing speed, followed by the rest of the Army. Within months Kernan was forced to abandon the East coast and set up the Jackson line. The Jackson line was deemed impenetrable by US General Richard Grant. Never-the-less he continued to attack it with all his might, and almost broke through a couple of times. With his Eastern conquests all but finished for the time being Long looked westward. The Rocky Line had stood unbroken since 1915. From what the US could tell it was also out-dated and under equipped. He quietly amassed a staggering amount of units on the Rocky line and on October 3rd, 1939 he gave the green light. Bombers blew a huge valley into the mountains and attacked it. The Kernaian troops held with all their might but after a week of battle they flew west in retreat. Using Blitzkrieg the US forces pushed to the California Border where Army Group West made a last stand against the American aggressors. They drew them into the Northern Forests and, using hit and run attacks, slowly withered them down. On August 4th of 1940 AG West attacked the American camp in Crescent City. After another week of fighting AG West was exterminated like the Army of the Potomac so many years ago. With the recent victory in Crescent City, American morale ran high. US General Gorge Patton moved south along the West Coast meeting only sporadic resistance. When he reached the Nevada-Arizona border he ran into a last ditch attempt to stop him. He charged into the dessert without supplies (he was going to fast) thinking he could reach Phoenix in time. After a day in the dessert Patton Army Group went dark, they didn't turn up for a week. The sole survivor crawled to Phoenix and surrendered. When Long heard about the ill fated attack, he barred another expedition, effectively stalling any western advance for the near future. It stalemated like WWI until 4 years. In June 1942 a scout found a weak spot in the US Western defenses. General James Kem sent a trusted adviser with the scout to see if it was real. When he came back with good news Operation:Clean House was a go. The 8th Tank Battalion was the first to break through, followed by much of the new AG: West. It seemed like a repeat of the Maryland Campaign, But General Louis Stevenson took the US 5th Army and scurried up the coast, just barely avoiding certain death. After the US Western Army was routed Stevenson stood firm. His Army attacked with a ferocity normal reserved for angry bears. It gave Grant enough time to regroup, but to no avail. When the 5th Army surrendered Kernan's military juggernaut was unleashed yet again. Kernan troops quickly captured the West Coast and advanced inland. They reached the Rocky Mountains in 1943, and stopped. Kernan had developed a new weapon so destructive, it would take one to flatten a city, the Nuclear Bomb. The Government made 2 and put them in two separate bombers. One was headed for Chicago (US Capital) another headed for Charleston (making stops along the way). The first nuclear weapon exploded over Chicago at 1:15 AM on April 1st, 1943. The US President, his cabinet, the Supreme Court and most of Congress was killed. Over 60% of the city was flattened and many uncontrollable fires raged through the city, it was similar in Charleston. While the US and the world was stunned by the recent explosion, Kernan captured entire armies. They were visibly shaken and had lost the will to fight. The rest of Congress agreed to surrender to Kernan under the terms of complete annexation. In Europe, Russia took all of the Mainland because the UK never invaded France. In the peace terms, all nuclear weapons were banned. When Russia refused to stop their nuclear weapons program tensions rose. they had the Bomb by 1945.

Cold War
When the guns lapsed into silence, Europe was in shambles. Communism had taken over Europe and relations between Kernan and the Soviet Union deteriorated. The UK's empire collapsed and many nations were born. Canada and the UK became virtual satellites, India was locked in a religious Civil War, and the various African nations went broke and into a state of perpetual Civil War. Kernan started shipping troops to Alaska to defend against a Soviet Invasion, the movements aggravated the USSR and in 1950 they declared Total War.

Red Dawn
The first battle was the Battle for Nome, and was a disaster for Kernan. The 9th Army was pushed to the Canadian border when General Lee pleaded for help Alaska had almost no infrastructure so supplies took months to get to the soldiers. General Richard Lee was in command of the Alaskan Army. When President James Jackson Davis heard of the failure at Nome he sent 120,000 veterans from the 8th Army up to halt the Soviet advance into Canada. A mole in the Government who caught wind of this sent the information to the Soviet invasion force, under Generals Zhukovs son, Era Zhukov. He now had the exact numbers of troops re-enforcing the front. He launched a quick offensive which eliminated the 9th Army. When the 8th Army arrived at the border they met over 1 million Russians. Many became POWs, while the rest were executed trying to resist capture. When President Lee found out about the 2nd failure he was enraged "HOW IN GODS NAME DID OUR MEN GET BEAT TWICE IN A MONTH?" He screamed. The only problem was that no body knew. While Lee and his aids argued if they should to order a total mobilization or not, the Russians forward elements reached the Kernan border and shot up crossing stations. although they didn't penetrate Kernan lands, they were damn close. In Austin a order of total mobilization was declared and the recruiting stations were flooded with recruits.The Kernian Army was sent to the border and sat there while, again, the Government argued about what to do next. A stalemate was in play for almost a year while the bureaucrats argued. In August, 1951 the Army of the East broke into eastern Canada and occupied it, stunning the Russians. The Russians were sending troops eastward to stop the still-advancing Army when the Western Army occupied British Colombia. General Zhukov was stunned, unable to move. The Kernian Army Group Center utilized this and attacked the Russians in the first critical battle of the War in Regina, Manitoba. The Russians tried to turn it into another Stalingrad but were unable to cut the city off completely. With a steady flow of supplies and men flowing in, the Russian Bear fled with its tail in between its legs, They regrouped Juneau to make a final stand against the Kernian Army. Since the city is on a island the Navy surrounded it and started to blockade, while the Air Force chased away any Russian planes. The Russians were used to hunting to feed themselves, but any game on the island was gone in 2 days. When the Russians tried to fish at the shore a Kernian ship shelled them until they ran, abandoning their fishing nets. The siege went on for a month and when the Kernian Army landed on the island they were immediately greeted by Era, who surrendered what was left of the Army. The Army moved into the interior meeting minimal resistance, The entire state was liberated by June 1953. We followed up this stunning victory with a invasion of Siberia in 1954. General Lee Nelson landed in Vladivostok quickly taking the lightly defended city. As the Russians desperately tried to scrape up a Army more men landed in Anadyr, Magadan and the Kamchatka Peninsula, The 4 Armies quickly took the west coast, linked up and moved eastward. The Russians managed to make a Army of a million men, matching the Kernians man for man. As the two armies neared by Lensk citizens started to evacuate in the thousands. in January 1956 the two armies met on the plains outside Lensk, trapping thousands in the city. With Zukovs families military prestige wiped away in the Surrender of Alaska a new, less promising, General Geregori Lenzkov was put in charge of defending Lensk. Lenzkov moved the army into Lensk and told them not to retreat. The Kernian Army surrounded Lensk and launched a assault, which was beaten back by the Russians. They followed the Kernians to the outskirts of the city and secured a small section to be used for resupply and reinforce purposes. The Kernian generals knew that they would never take the city if the Russians could get supplies, but were cautious due to the recent failure. So they all agreed to start to raid the Ruskies supply lines and maybe starve them out, it would be low cost operation to.


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