The United Confederal Republics

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The United Confederal Republics

Post by Scott Carson on Sat Aug 10, 2013 7:40 pm

The United Confederal Republics

Leader: President Scott Carson

Capital: Brisbane, Northwales

Population: 119,800,000
Government: The United Confederal Republics (UCR) Is actually made up of four republics, each presided over by their own governor: Governor Ronald Dierdorf of Northwales, Governor Jodi Taylor of Southwales, Governor Jaryd Grant of Viktorria, and Governor Robert Bonubo of Tazmaenia. Each of these republics also has a unicameral legislature based upon the popular vote.

On the national level, the government is headed by the president as the chief executive. The legislature, officially known as the Senate, is a unicameral system made up of ten senators from each of the four republics, and is presided over by the Vice President who only votes in the case of a tie. When a bill is passed at the national level, it must also be approved by each of the four republic legislatures.

History: The United Confederal Republics exists in what was once known as Australia, though the current nation only occupies the eastern portion of the island. After the collapse of the old world order due to a failing world economy and the rise of terrorism, Australia was divided into five monarchies: West Australia, Southland, Wales, Viktorria, and Tasmania. A state of war existed between these nations for over a decade until the newly crowned King of Wales, Jonathon Carson, instituted great reforms in his country. Carson was a believer in the old world order, when most nations were run by the people in free elections. He reorganized Wales into a republic, based upon the popular vote of the people and basic human rights.

Following this, the Kingdoms of Viktorria and Tasmania to the south went through major revolutions against the current regimes. These revolutions were backed militarily and financially by the Republic of Wales. The major outcome of the war was the formation of the new Republic of Viktorria and the Republic of Tazmaenia. These three Republics came together for the purpose of uniting as a nation once more, for many people still remembered the peace of the past. But the delegates from Viktorria and Tazmaenia feared that Wales' influence would overpower their smaller regions. And so, Jonathon Carson split his nation into Northwales and Southwales, bringing into being the four republics which would be the United Confederal Republics.

Carson was elected to the presidency by a landslide, and ruled as the nation's first president for over twenty years. He is now retired and living on a ranch in the far north. His son, Scott Carson is currently halfway through his first term as president. He still faces a constant war on the west front, as both the Kingdom of Southland and the West Australian Empire are becoming increasingly aggressive towards the relatively young nation.
Scott Carson
Scott Carson

Nation Name : The United Confederal Republics (UCR)

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